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2012 Via Colori Street Painting Festival

Nov 17-18  outside Hermann Square at City Hall.

Via Colori was a street painting Festival mid November that was benefiting The Center for Hearing and Speech. Providing the downtown area 2 days of entertainment in the form of music and good food, and a sample of some of Houston’s artists. Many artists from all levels experience from the young children to your seasoned professional,¬†demonstrated their talent on 2 streets that were sectioned off for the event.

Documenting artwork is some what difficult I think, because you have to be careful to not miss represent of emphasize a characteristic of a piece in a different direction than what the artist is intending. I have failed in this point some what, and decided that to be more relaxed, get a few shots that I think will help show the work. then focus on the interactions of the event.

Things like this. The interaction between the work and the photographer. From the perspective of a photographer documenting a photographer documenting this piece. My drunken photographing self decided it was hilarious drawn model, modeling for the the camera.