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IKKiCON 2012: Lana Marie as Domino

Me and the lovely Lana Marie have been trying to schedule a shoot for quite some time now. Finally we both found ourselves on the cold, dark streets of Austin. Fortunately she was armed to the teeth with blades and guns and I had plenty of heavy glass to bludgeon evil doers with. A special shout out goes to Joey Lopez, Nacho Likes, and Hai Ngyuen for their help with this.

2012 Hot Import Nights Houston, TX

In the early 2000’s, import car culture was exploding after the phenomenon that was The Fast and the Furious movie. Hot Import Nights was the car show at the center of all the flash and ran hand in hand with it in all its loud eccentricity. But as with all trends, car styling and its enthusiasm shifted in an entirely different direction, and the Hot Import Nights lost a bit of its momentum in recent years. However, this past Saturday marked Hot Import Night’s first return to Houston, Texas in 3 years. In high school I had fond memories of Hot Import Nights being everything dreams were made of, so there was no stopping me from making it out for the show’s rebirth.