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2013 Hot Import Nights Houston, TX: Part 1

IMG_0772I feel a little weird coming to Hot Import Nights because I think I enjoy it too much. Pretty girls, cool cars and a crowd full of people attending in celebration of pretty cars and cool girls make for a wonderful atmosphere and for me a guaranteed great time. This past weekend was my second time coming out to the event and, man, it just keeps getting better.

IMG_0363The reason I sometimes border a bit on uncomfortable when it comes to HIN, is that I wish I could participate. Hot Import Nights is a car show, but beyond that it’s a community gathering spot. For people showing their cars, it’s a chance to reconnect with friends and acquaintances and bring each other up to speed on the hard work that they’ve been putting into their rides as well as to meet comepletely new people to share in enthusiasm.

IMG_0353 On Saturday morning I met up with the NoNewFriends crew and Low-weezy-anA to cruise 20+ deep to the George R. Brown Convention Center where HIN was to take place. Admittedly, it’s a pretty dumb feeling, but I couldn’t dodge the slight sense of emptiness when rolling to a car show and being the only one who does’t have to worry about their car picking up dirt and rock chips, or having to angle it over elevation changes in the road. It’s a tribal thing I guess; chilling with the hunters, but being unable to pick up a spear. Next year.

IMG_1149A slight difference from last year is that I felt a little bit more invested with the car show in that I’ve met so many cool people involved in HIN from every side of the fence. DJ MIK ONE was once again keeping the party moving the way only he can. I hadda do a throwback photo and replicated a shot I did of Mickey at last year’s HIN. Just for funs. Danny was also out there beside him cutting it up and I was pleased to meet Killa Kut too as the three of them united the triforce and saved the world.

IMG_0786My buddy Anthony was showing his (officially a Scion) FR-S and making me jealous per the usual. He took home Best Scion and boy, was it well deserved and a long time coming.

IMG_0831The quality of the cars somehow managed to top last year’s fantastic showing. I’m guessing that people were a bit apprehensive about bringing the guns previously and now everyone finally decided to go all in.

IMG_0888Similarly, I decided to be a lot less of an aspie shy boy and took more pictures of girls because it always feels like an injustice to cover HIN without acknowledging the ladies. It’d be unfair to think of them as decorations or hood ornaments because in reality, they are what makes HIN a party and not just a gathering. The girls of Miss HIN were definitely a fun bunch and quite photo friendly.

IMG_0661My favorite car at the show was this old school BlueBird. Never being one for tradition or purists, seeing it slammed and tucking small diameter wheels made me happy in ways I shouldn’t acknowledge.

IMG_0813I was a little slow with these photos because like last year, I’ve been working on a video that I hope to post real soon, but for now, be sure to drop by AutoEssence.ORG to see more photos from the show (some I’ve taken) as well as the gallery below (of course).


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