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Kicking It: With Joshua Steele (and his S13.4)

Today on Kicking It, I’m reintroducing a face from the drift community that briefly cameo’d in a post last year, Joshua Steele of NEVRSLO Motorsports. If you remember, I encountered Josh for the first time at Round 5 of 2012’s Lone Star Drift Pro Am series. Last we met, Josh was tearing up Gulf Greyhound Park in his ubermachine to close out the series with style. When all the smoke cleared, Mr.NEVRSLO had earned one of three coveted pro licenses for Formula D.


IKKiCON 2012: “We’ll Figure It Out”

DSC_3497It’s always a good idea when planning anything to factor in Murphy’s Law. In fact, in the 27 years of being on this wonderful little dirt ball, it’s probably one of the most sage pieces of advice that I personally adhere to (That and not being a douche). With that in mind, when a friend from New Orleans offered to have me tag along with him to Austin’s IKKiCON during the last weekend of the year, I jumped at it.