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Formula D: “The Showdown” (Part 1)

IMG_2321Shots fired! Shots fired! I would yell out these words every time Mike Essa came diving into the long sweeper in his superbeast turbo bimmer and it would backfire like it was gang banging in Oakland. I’d then pause to pick stray bits of rubber off of my Lifeblasters tshirt, clean the front element of my 70-200, and then wait to pan on whoever would be next, wearing a grin so eager, it could only be described as blissful.


2013 Hot Import Nights Houston, TX: Part 1

IMG_0772I feel a little weird coming to Hot Import Nights because I think I enjoy it too much. Pretty girls, cool cars and a crowd full of people attending in celebration of pretty cars and cool girls make for a wonderful atmosphere and for me a guaranteed great time. This past weekend was my second time coming out to the event and, man, it just keeps getting better.