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NST X Happy Teahouse: First of the Year

Oh God, the rain followed me from Louisiana. Anytime it’s humid and the temperature drops below 40F in Houston, we all freak the hell out. Thus, for the first Tea House Meet of 2015, NonStopTuning decided to host it during the day instead of the usual cool of the evening. Thank you Mike, you the Real MVP. (Note: I’m gonna have to do a year end shout out post to all the people I’ve nominated as real MVP’s this year)


NODRFT – End of Year bash

I’ve been back in the United States for a little over two years now. Previously, the only competitive drifting I had seen in person was the occasional stuff held by the local Guam boys at our fresh little skid pad in Yigo, and that seemed to be a once in a blue moon thing. Once I got over to the mainland, I was able to fanboy over a bunch of fancy skid chariots on an absurdly regular basis. It’s gotten me kinda lazy as I now realize that I’ve never had to even leave the state to get satiated. Cue NODRFT’s End of Year Bash.

Travel 5 hours for one day with my fragile new camera in 110% chance of cold ass rain? Ya Goddamn right.