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Lone Star Drift 2016 Round 1: The Birth of the Battle Royale (With Cheese)

Okay, so I did a bad job of treating the off season like an… off season. After just a little bit of scrolling the front page it’s fairly clear that I still drove and shot a few drift events during Texas’s really confusing winter months.

Honestly, off season should be called the Lone Star Drift reload period. It’s during this time that Aaron and his guys take some time off to travel and explore some new curve-balls to throw at the series. The big news this year is an unconventional competition format going into the well-aged Formula D Pro-AM as well as the Sophomore year TXSL series. At first mention it was met with a lot of confusion and a little bit of apprehension, but in practice it’s proven itself to be just the kind of shake up that the season needed.