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H-Town Sneaker Summit 2015: A Snippet

Few things resonate with America today the way that Hip-Hop does. More than just music, it’s a cultural force unrivaled by any other entities. We’ve all seen the corny TV shows and movies where the parents try to be cool by emulating Hip-Hop as they see it in the media. Of course, it’s usually for a laugh, but even exaggerated as it is, it’s made clear that the direction it hails from is what’s “in”. Spanning genders, ages and cultural backgrounds, hip hop easily sways our language and lifestyles. If you had to narrow it down, it wouldn’t be in the bass heavy beats or the shiny cars, but in the fashion. Spin it however you like, Hip-Hop is fashionable, and laying the foundation are the kicks. Right at the foot level is an aspect of hip-hop fashion that may very well dictate the rest of it.

I paid a visit to the H-Town Sneaker Summit to take a look into the mecca of sneakerheads. What I found was a wonderful Bazaar of that extends beyond the vendor and down even to the attendees. Everyone’s a curator and everyone’s a buyer.


7 Things About Quakecon

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that video games have come a long way in the last 20 years. Hell, even just the genre of first person shooters has evolved considerably over that time. And right at the start, it was the Quake series that brought about a refined take on multiplayer and arguably spawned the concept of e-sports. With all that in mind, I was determined to make the pilgrimage to Dallas to experience the mecca of gaming. A place where gaming culture, and my kin, are celebrated. Dude, I went to Quakecon.


Sideways Sunday – A Snippet

Sideways Sunday is one of those drift events that’s all play and no competition. I don’t compete either way, but I definitely came out to roast a few tires. Not much to be said other than I had a great time getting some much needed tuning on my “driver mods,” but I also took a few photos during the breaks (of course). Enjoy some peanut butter straight out the jar.


Texas Motor Speedway – LoneStar Drift Round 4

Everytime I come up to Texas Motor Speedway I have mixed feelings about the trip. It’s a long as hell drive to what’s ultimately the middle of nowhere. And for all the middle of nowhere that it occupies, it is still the most expensive round to put on for the Lone Star Drift guys. On the driver side of things it’s a terrifying escapade into the deep end of the pool. The big calling for the track is that it’s been host to a round of Formula D for the past two years. As simple as the layout is, it’s fast, it’s tough and it’s dangerous. For the ProAm drivers fighting for their Formula D Pro 2 licenses, it’s a monster they all have to challenge sooner or later.


Carnival comes to Houston – A Snippet

Prior to this weekend I didn’t know much about the Carnival celebration. I figured it was vaguely Latin American. It was also apparent that it took the color saturation slider on parades past 11 and into no mans land, and I knew it involved a lot of plucked feathers and glitter. This passed Saturday I happened to plan on cycling into downtown Houston and figured while I was there I’d catch our city’s very own little Carnival parade. What I found was much more than rhinestoned bikinis on pretty girls dancing, but a walking celebration of culture. Carnival turned out to be a vibrant display of the love and pride people had for their homelands.


Kickin’ It at Harris Hill – A Snippet

As you know, the other weekend Matt Powers came by Mineral Wells, TX to join in on all the drift fun at Lone Star Drift. Well, while he was in town, Aaron Losey worked with Harris Hill Raceway to see if we could get a play day going for him and a couple of LoneStarDrift’s top drivers.

I volunteered to help grab some video footage for a project that Aaron was working on and also happened to take a few snaps in between.