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Carnival comes to Houston – A Snippet

Prior to this weekend I didn’t know much about the Carnival celebration. I figured it was vaguely Latin American. It was also apparent that it took the color saturation slider on parades past 11 and into no mans land, and I knew it involved a lot of plucked feathers and glitter. This passed Saturday I happened to plan on cycling into downtown Houston and figured while I was there I’d catch our city’s very own little Carnival parade. What I found was much more than rhinestoned bikinis on pretty girls dancing, but a walking celebration of culture. Carnival turned out to be a vibrant display of the love and pride people had for their homelands.


2012 Miss Autorama Pin-Up Pageant

I’ve been attending a lot of car events lately, but heck, Autorama is the car show of car shows; it’s a king sized event that spans days. However, I think it’s been getting pretty typical of me to take pictures of cars, so I thought this time I should substitute for pretty ladies instead. No objections, I trust.