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IKKiCON 2012: “We’ll Figure It Out”

DSC_3497It’s always a good idea when planning anything to factor in Murphy’s Law. In fact, in the 27 years of being on this wonderful little dirt ball, it’s probably one of the most sage pieces of advice that I personally adhere to (That and not being a douche). With that in mind, when a friend from New Orleans offered to have me tag along with him to Austin’s IKKiCON during the last weekend of the year, I jumped at it.

I made my preparations, and set aside funds and other necessities. But even after all the planning my friends and I did, we were reminded that crap happens, people flake out, equipment fails, etc etc.  Still, it’s not too often I get to go out of city, let alone out of state, to do photography at a convention.  Hopefully that will change in the future, but baby steps… baby steps.

Despite some… issues, I enjoyed shooting at this con quite a bit. The venue was fairly large, the staff was friendly, and the location was pretty choice too. The only real annoyance was the cold weather (and perhaps some of the ubiquitous Home Stuck fans). I found myself not taking as many walk about shots this go round and instead focused on getting sets done with individuals I thought had great cosplays. Check em!

-See Jay


I've been shooting for nearly a decade now becoming a jack of all trades but preferring portraiture as my bread & butter. Since moving closer to downtown Houston I've gotten more and more into street shooting and candids only because it really puts me out of my comfort zone. Nonetheless at any given weekend chances are I'll either be doing that or at some event/convention.