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Memories of Offsetkings and FDTX 2015

This past weekend marked the Formula D’s third year at Texas Motor Speedway. There’s no arguing that American professional drifting has come a long way since its inception, and since its debut, Texas Motor Speedway has been a fresh stop along Formula D’s seasons so far. But just when it started settling into a routine, the folks at Formula D flipped the script and twirled the course layout around. This year, Formula D brought that new new.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0049Before we get to the new though, I figure I should start by reintroducing the familiar.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0044Like last year, the year before it and even predating that at almost every other round, Fatlace partnered up with Formula D to simultaneously host their Offset Kings car show. A fantastic display of stuff like stance, swag and other S-things.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0041If you don’t know what that’s all about, then try to think high fashion for the car world.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0057Everytime that I attend a car show, I keep an eye open for the styles du jour. While this year’s Offsetkings show was actually quite impressive (especially compared to the ones prior), there wasn’t anything truly breaking ground. I enjoy how everyone’s playing with non conventional colors for barrels and lips, but it’s not really too out there.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0029However, stance alone ruffles a lot of feathers still to this day. With that in mind it’s not hard to see why many stay content. After all, you can get away with not breaking ground, so long as you’re breaking necks.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0046I’m still a Miata Nerd though, so my favorite car of the show was this Purple(ish) NB. And if I had to pick a second, third and fourth, they’d be Miatas too. (But that shouldn’t surprise you.)

2015_FD-TX-0822_0048“Okay then, surprise me. What’s new?” you ask presumably. I’m not psychic, but let’s say I got that right.

5Z8B2111New layout! That is to say, the same track, but a new course. Even our Texas boys were starting fresh for this one.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0004And while I can’t speak for everyone, I was loving that view. Seriously though, I really can’t speak for everyone. There were simply not enough spots open on the bleachers for all the attendees. While the spectators on the metal scaffolding got an AMAZING show, at the fence visability was more or less garbage.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0047I can understand all the concrete barriers though. With the new layout, much carnage was to come. Over the course of the day no less than two cars were put out of commission. Odi Batchkis had a small mishap with catastrophic results costing him THE SEASON.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0067Gushi represented that Teal and Orange SR emblazoned on his hood admirably. We here at StrangeRhythms.Net are proud of that young man.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0071Those GetNutsLabs fellas were throwing that ass all over the place.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0070Forest Wang and Alec Hohnadell were picking up new fans all weekend.

2015_FD-TX-0822_0075It was good to see Yokoi-san put in work and fight his way to a first place podium, his first ever with Formula D!

2015_FD-TX-0822_0078 I like to consider him a Texas driver as he’s pretty much been adopted by the Lone Star Drift circle as one of our own over the years. He’s gotta love that support he got from the local crowd.


If Formula D swings by a venue near you it is Soooooo worth checking out.

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