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NonStopTuning’s 10th Anniversary: Part 1

You’ll have to pardon my brevity with this post, but there are great things in the works, and this is just the beginning. NonStopTuning has been 10 years in the game and they spent the weekend celebrating Lone Star Drift with the inaugural round of the TXSL and Season opener of the ProAm series. But first… Avacado cream with Lychee Jelly and Big Tapioca.

NST-TeaHouse-March_0055-213056Houstonian car enthusiasts get excited in March, for reasons I’ve covered and wow, did this past weekend’s TeaHouse meet reflect it.

NST-10thAn_0059-220223Big money cars joined in the meet as if to remind us how far NST’s influence reaches within the scene.

NST-10thAn_0099-230037The parking lot was packed with cars parked end to end. Most spots were filled and curbs were claimed.

NST-10thAn_0097-225935Lots of JDM cars on the scene including this super dope Soarer.

NST-10thAn_0086-225354The Homie Mickey spun for the meet like clock work and even got me in on the Musical Chairs. I was in it for blood, but was ursurped by a combination of NST Mike and a fellow Houston86 club member. Et tu Brute?

NST-10thAn_0024-211159Stop reading and go look at the pictures. We’ve got a fat load of photos from the drift days coming up that you will NOT want to miss!


The Hipster Prince of Hearts. Chuck a deuce and point at the camera, fam! The sensor loves you.