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Formula D: “Slammed Society” (Part 2)

Happening at the same time as Formula D was the Slammed Society car show. Yes, big weekend. Mayday Garage even organized a cruise of sorts for the festivities, so Wayne and I tagged along.

IMG_2040We all met up at sunrise in a parking lot in North Houston. Meeting, greeting, instagramming and general admiring of cars took place immediately.

IMG_2046A lot of familiar faces and headlights littered the parking lot. well as some that I personally hadn’t gotten acquainted with yet.

IMG_2179But after about an hour of loitering, we all rolled out in two groups; double clutchers and granny shifters.

IMG_2211Most of us made it to Roanoke okay with only one ticket among us, but the impression I came away from the cruise with was that I needed to bring a little more horsepower if I wanted to keep up with a lot of the guys up front.

IMG_4180Midday Saturday was the actual Slammed Society car show, taking place in a little lot next to the track.

IMG_4155The usual players from Houston made appearances, of course.

IMG_4077But some of Dallas’s hottest didn’t miss out either. Always loved this Miata.

IMG_4188I was totally psyched to see some cars that I recognized solely by e-rep. This Eclipse in particular has always been a favorite of mine.

IMG_4200There were a lot of interesting styles on display at the show, but all of the nicest ones had a bit of acrophobia.

IMG_4089As chill and relaxing as Slammed Society was, there were slidey cars to be seen and lungs to fill with mutilated Hankooks. So after my once over of admiring, I got back to business track side. For the rest of my flix from the show, check below!


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