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Rice Bowl x Anime Matsuri Weekend

It has been a real fun few weekends! I’m hella joyed to officially welcome Hai to our little team of Hipster nerds after CJ and I caught up with him at Anime Matsuri. He’ll be our dude out in Austin sharing whatever fun he gets into over there, and hopefully he’ll drop into to town to visit once in a while. Hai and I talked a little bit about StrangeRhythms and its audience, and I briefly outlined that our content direction is the desire to share things we love through photography. In a few words, passions over everything, photos before anything; have camera, will trespass. We’re just nerds that want to do media stuff! That in mind, our actual coverage is a strange ensemble of subjects. Some days we post fashion things, other days it’s motorsports and occasionally, it could be anime. You’d think these hobbies would all be mutually exclusive, but sometimes they come together as an orchestra and produce a beautiful symphony.


Anime Matsuri 2014: Day of the Levi’s


Ahh springtime…

Cold skies give way to warm gulf breezes, birds chirp merrily as they take care of their hatchlings and delight in pooping on newly detailed autos, and of course the flora covers everything in sight with yellow pollen that makes the antihistamine manufactures need a cold shower. Of course it wouldn’t be spring in Houston without Anime Matsuri to ring in the transition from OMG I can’t feel my fingers to OMG I’ve immolated all over myself.