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Sideways Sunday – A Snippet

Sideways Sunday is one of those drift events that’s all play and no competition. I don’t compete either way, but I definitely came out to roast a few tires. Not much to be said other than I had a great time getting some much needed tuning on my “driver mods,” but I also took a few photos during the breaks (of course). Enjoy some peanut butter straight out the jar.


Rice Bowl x Anime Matsuri Weekend

It has been a real fun few weekends! I’m hella joyed to officially welcome Hai to our little team of Hipster nerds after CJ and I caught up with him at Anime Matsuri. He’ll be our dude out in Austin sharing whatever fun he gets into over there, and hopefully he’ll drop into to town to visit once in a while. Hai and I talked a little bit about StrangeRhythms and its audience, and I briefly outlined that our content direction is the desire to share things we love through photography. In a few words, passions over everything, photos before anything; have camera, will trespass. We’re just nerds that want to do media stuff! That in mind, our actual coverage is a strange ensemble of subjects. Some days we post fashion things, other days it’s motorsports and occasionally, it could be anime. You’d think these hobbies would all be mutually exclusive, but sometimes they come together as an orchestra and produce a beautiful symphony.


The Fast and The Furious 7 Houston Premiere

The effect of the Fast and The Furious series on my generation of car enthusiasts is undeniable. Looking back, the franchise itself gave a direction to car modification that some might consider dubious. One could argue that import car tuners have come full circle with the big wings and flashy livery, but the biggest impact on us have been by the buster. The mark that Paul Walker made in our hearts through his portrayal of Brian O’ Conner on the screen paired with his genuine love of cars off of it has cemented the Fast and The Furious series as a timeless classic of cultural importance, for better and worse.


NonStopTuning’s 10th Anniversary: Part 2

10 years and still putting in work! NonStopTuning has been a driving force in the Texas car scene for what seems like forever. Come out to a LoneStarDrift event and you’ll be hard pressed to find a car not rocking one of their parts or at least sporting their logo decal. It’d been a long time coming and with Formula D right around the bend, NonStopTuning has no intention of slowing down.

The same can also be said for the Lone star Drift brand. With a huge number of entrants to this first round, the ProAM and TXSL series both had a good roster of competing cars ready to rip the track. It’s going to be a good year.


NonStopTuning’s 10th Anniversary: Part 1

You’ll have to pardon my brevity with this post, but there are great things in the works, and this is just the beginning. NonStopTuning has been 10 years in the game and they spent the weekend celebrating Lone Star Drift with the inaugural round of the TXSL and Season opener of the ProAm series. But first… Avacado cream with Lychee Jelly and Big Tapioca.


NST X Happy Teahouse March: A Snippet

Lots of… car.. things have been happening lately. It was kind of odd until I realized that.. it’s March. With the change of the seasons new things approach. Just as many have packed their cars away for Winter, giving their vehicles much needed pampering and credit cards a much needed break, with the advent of spring everything changes once again. The grass thaws, the air warms and a year of car life begins again.