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2014 Lone Star Bash: A Snippet

LSB-2014-5550_264Everytime I sign up for a grassroots drift event, I hear this imaginary voice saying, “Hey, you’re going to drive, not take pictures. You need the seat time! Don’t bring the camera! Why are you packing a telephoto?!” It further devolves into creepier depths of schizofrenia, but I always end up checking out of the conversation all the same. In retrospect, this is probably part of why I still suck at drifting.


2014 Mayday BigD Run / LoneStar Drift: Round 4

SR-ISK_2014-MDBDR_0051Last year, Wayne and I headed up to Dallas to see Round 6 of Formula D. I got to meet some of my multimedia role models and favorite drifters. I finally was able to experience professional level drifting in person for the first time and it was an amazing experience… But still, I wasn’t satisfied. Why? I wanted to see the action as a photographer, shoulder to shoulder with my idols, not through a fence and over them. So when Aaron Losey got Texas Motor Speedway booked for a round of LSD, Wayne and I couldn’t resist making another roadtrip up to play pro in the tracks hot areas like we were important or something.


2014 LoneStar Drift: Round 1

5Z8B2797This time of year is wonderful. For the parts of the country that thaws out on time, it’s the season for race cars. Yes indeed, this past weekend was the kickoff For Lonestar Drift’s 2014 series. For once, Ryan was actually driving and not shooting, so it’s about time someone else took a shot at it.