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HTX Free Art Friday Extravaganza

HTXFAF-Show_0012-194138Newsflash: I love art. CJ loves art. Wayne loves art. If we didn’t, god help us run this blog. I’d like to think that everyone loves art to some capacity. It’s got to be a very human trait to appreciate aesthetics and be emotionally affected just by how things look. Luckily, we live in Houston where you can literally find something lovely on any given street corner at some point. (that was not a joke about prostitutes)


Critical Mass Houston (or so)

SR_01-31-2013_1000px01CJ and I’ve ridden Critical Mass in the past but neither of us have actually made a post about it. It’s kind of silly that we haven’t when one considers the hilarious amount of drama that the local media generates the day following the last Friday of every month. For those who don’t know, Critical Mass is a congregation of Houston Cyclists who go for a bike ride and enjoy each other’s company. Haha, I’m kidding. The better way to drum up page views is to describe it as 34 million drunken hipsters running red lights, wasting tax payer money on Police escorts and making you late to your 9pm class with Faaaaabian.