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Kickin’ It at Harris Hill – A Snippet

As you know, the other weekend Matt Powers came by Mineral Wells, TX to join in on all the drift fun at Lone Star Drift. Well, while he was in town, Aaron Losey worked with Harris Hill Raceway to see if we could get a play day going for him and a couple of LoneStarDrift’s top drivers.

I volunteered to help grab some video footage for a project that Aaron was working on and also happened to take a few snaps in between.


2015 Lonestar Drift – Round 2

Sometimes when I hear people talk about Hawaiii they say it’s a nice place to visit, but not a place they can see themselves living. You know, because all that nature, perfect weather, amazing food and gorgeous island girls gets hella old real fast, right? (At this point all my friends on Guam will roll their eyes at me in disbelief). No, I don’t subscribe to that opinion. For me, the place that I love to visit but would hate to live is Mineral Wells, Texas.

There isn’t much out there. It’s got some tumbleweeds, a lotta farms, maybe a Walmart and a Chilli’s. But you know what? If it wasn’t a 5 hour drive from Houston, it’d be my favorite Lone Star Drift stop. Despite all the unimpressive first impressions, it does have an airport! And the best part about this airport is that it has a nice spot set aside where car guys get to do things that skate the boundary of stupid and awesome. And no one is around to complain. (Looking at you, WALMART.) Mineral Wells = +1.