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2014 Mayday BigD Run / LoneStar Drift: Round 4

SR-ISK_2014-MDBDR_0051Last year, Wayne and I headed up to Dallas to see Round 6 of Formula D. I got to meet some of my multimedia role models and favorite drifters. I finally was able to experience professional level drifting in person for the first time and it was an amazing experience… But still, I wasn’t satisfied. Why? I wanted to see the action as a photographer, shoulder to shoulder with my idols, not through a fence and over them. So when Aaron Losey got Texas Motor Speedway booked for a round of LSD, Wayne and I couldn’t resist making another roadtrip up to play pro in the tracks hot areas like we were important or something.


2012 Texas Renaissance Festival

I recall a journalist describing Renaissance Festivals as Disneylands with more boobs and booze. He probably put it more delicately than I did, but I’m sure we’re not in disagreement. Prior to visiting RenFest this weekend, I imagined it as a massive field of live action role players, culturally and historically accurate to the point that it would hurt. I was so glad to have instead found the aforementioned amusement park of beer stands and ill fitting corsets.