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TXDF: A New Take on Sideways Sunday

Lots of tires were killed during the event, and the air was thick with their remains. The clouds sting your eyes and flair the nostrils, inspiring unwanted errectio…. um joy? TXDF by StatusWorks shows that they are a true drift competitions for those that want to take a bite at Lone Star Drift or just want to destroy tires and slide their cars across the track.

5Z8B4056Winner of TXDF, Ian McDougall won free admission to LSD competition.

Contact me if you don’t see your car or want some more photos of your car; in total there were 1200 images and these are a nice edit down, so I had to cut some amazing shots.

2 thoughts on “TXDF: A New Take on Sideways Sunday

  1. Hey guys, I’m the girl doing the Anthropological Documentary on Sideways Sunday. I could use some cultural pictures, please e-mail me anything you would like for me to use. It was great meeting you I really enjoyed my day talking with you both, very informative and greatly appreciated.

    Joanne Jones

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