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2012 Miss Autorama Pin-Up Pageant

I’ve been attending a lot of car events lately, but heck, Autorama is the car show of car shows; it’s a king sized event that spans days. However, I think it’s been getting pretty typical of me to take pictures of cars, so I thought this time I should substitute for pretty ladies instead. No objections, I trust.

2012 LoneStar Drift: Round 5

Round 5 of the Lonestar Drift Series was the end of this year’s season and would serve as the culmination of the point race for guys striving to get their Formula D licenses. With the recent SEMA announcement of a long awaited Texas stop for the next season of Formula D, things were getting big!

2012 LoneStar Drift: Tech Day

There are essentially three types of automotive bloggers: the consumer reporter, the sports journalist, and the hobbyist. I suppose you could apply the distinctions to anything of interest, but it’s an especially strong case in the world of car enthusiasts. While StrangeRhythms isn’t strictly a car blog, it is a blog about what the authors find interesting, whatever that may be. In my case, I like cars. This probably isn’t surprising you.