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2014 Lone Star Bash: A Snippet

LSB-2014-5550_264Everytime I sign up for a grassroots drift event, I hear this imaginary voice saying, “Hey, you’re going to drive, not take pictures. You need the seat time! Don’t bring the camera! Why are you packing a telephoto?!” It further devolves into creepier depths of schizofrenia, but I always end up checking out of the conversation all the same. In retrospect, this is probably part of why I still suck at drifting.


Offset Kings Texas // Round 6 of Formula D 2014

SR_FD-RD6_0014Time is a constantly changing variable that progresses on a linear path. Whether we like it or not, it’s always moving forward, and we cant help but plot our own positions in relation to that ever lengthening x-axis. To put it simply, some things change and some things stay the same. In our case, the watermark is new and the pictures are hgher-res, but we’re still gonna be those awkward nerds with big cameras.