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NST X Happy Teahouse March: A Snippet

Lots of… car.. things have been happening lately. It was kind of odd until I realized that.. it’s March. With the change of the seasons new things approach. Just as many have packed their cars away for Winter, giving their vehicles much needed pampering and credit cards a much needed break, with the advent of spring everything changes once again. The grass thaws, the air warms and a year of car life begins again.


2015 Race Armada Poker Run: Part 1

I remember the first time I became obsessed with automotive multimedia. I was about 17 and fresh faced with a valid driver’s license, I cruised in my very first car (a 91 Toyota Celica GT that I adored) to a Blockbuster video to see if anything cool was on the shelves. 2 Fast 2 Furious had come out some time earlier, riding the wave of talk sparked by its now cult status predecessor. However, 2F2F didn’t quite live up to match the phenomena that was the movie that came before it. In an interest of being less ham handed, it also ended up a bit more corny at the same time. Still, if it was finally out on VHS, it was getting a second viewing from me. However, I never made it as far as the new releases section. I was instead distracted by a Bright Yellow BMW on the cover a video that promised to be “Automotive Jackass”. Teckademics stole my heart with their Mischief 3000 video that covered the ever legendary Gumball 3000 road rally.

This past weekend I was invited by Houston’s favorite promoter, DJMIKONE to come along with him on Race Armada’s all new Poker Run. I was kind of in the dark about it until he explained what it was to me. Suddenly I could smell the racefuel, and saw visions of my youth and that Mischief tape, coming to life before me.