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2nd Annual Lamborghini Festival of Houston

SR_20130408_0005If you were enthused with cars growing up in the early half of the 90’s, then chances are good that you had a period of your life where your favorite car had an Italian heritage, a dozen cylinders and doors that reached for the sky. There’s a whole lot more to the exotic sports car world these days, but the Lamborghini Festival of Houston proves that a raging bull can still break necks and draw crowds.

SR_20130408_0002I have a younger sister who absolutely detests exotic sports cars. The word she chooses is ‘ostentatious,’ as if there were no more to a Gallardo than a gaudy piece of jewelry like the platinum teeth on a rapper driving one. I won’t deny that part of the appeal of a super car is in its unabashed ability to steal attention wherever it wanders, but that’s merely a product of its objective mechanical and aesthetic strengths.

SR_20130408_0008There are many models under the Lamborghini mark with an even greater amount of special trims sprouting from them. A lot of these cars are pretty similar, distinguishable only by wheels or pin-striping, but some are configured in ways that only a plaque confirms their relation to the rest of the family. This Miura took many showgoers by surprise. Its condition being so immaculate and styling so progressive, passers by had a hard time believing the car was over 40 years old.

SR_20130408_0021Even though it’s a Lamborghini Festival, that isn’t to say a few other marques didn’t show up to the party; Ferraris, Bentleys and Porsches littered nearby parking spots. A California and more than a handful of 458’s made some guest appearances.

SR_20130408_0001Setting the mood for the show was the Gentle Lamb Experience. It was a tough battle fighting the desire to don a white tuxedo, hop into a Countach and drive off into a Miami sunset with the sounds of Motown ringing in the air. Well, I think I’d still have the desire to hop into a Countach regardless.

SR_20130408_0011I was snapping away all afternoon, so to see a few more photos of these beautiful machines, check the gallery below. For a bunch more pictures not shown here, pay a visit to AutoEssence where they will be dropping over the course of the weekend!


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