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Game of Cones – Lone Star Drift Round 3

With a total of 6 Pro-AM rounds and 6 TXSL rounds, Lone Star Drift has just about reached that halfway point where the points race is starting to get a lot more urgent. If that wasn’t dramatic enough, Aaron Losey exercises blatant irresponsibility sweetens the honey pot by giving children dangerous weapons adding to the round’s prize pool two ridiculously cool custom swords as trophies. If that doesn’t get tires smoking then drifters are more mature than I thought.

LSDRd3-Qualifying_0516_0004The usual suspects were on the scene.

LSDRd3-Qualifying_0516_0028Very real threats of rain all weekend didn’t deter most drifters from coming out to compete (even if they roll topless).

LSDRd3-Qualifying_0516_0007Green Peace wept.

LSD-RD3_0516_0067One of the few ArtCars of Houston to see the roads more than a couple times a year, HP’s S-10 danced on the small course as qualifying raged on the big one.

LSD-RD3_0516_0008And oh did it rage.

LSD-RD3_0516_0029Battles on a decidedly wet Sunday were just as fierce..

5Z8B5925After much rain, traction was low and nerves were Charlie Sheen.

5Z8B6091Kevin Williams ended up taking first place in Lone Star Drift’s Pro Am this round, cutting through Randal Water’s winning streak with a solid swing of his new broadsword (that will now be used exclusively for cutting Pizza and opening mail).

LSDRd3-Qualifying_0516_0034And Shaun St. Pierre held the pentuple forged Katana of TXSL weeabooness, destined to butter toast, a common theme in the last 4 airing seasons of Spring animes.

Do check out the gallery of photos Ryan got after qualifying here, as well as Wayne’s ProAm coverage for the weekend here!

Thank you Lone Star Drift for entertaining everyone once again with some top quality skid racing! We’re definitely looking forward to the rest of the season of TXSL and LSD Pro Am!

Wayne’s Photos

Ryan’s Photos