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HTX Free Art Friday Extravaganza

HTXFAF-Show_0012-194138Newsflash: I love art. CJ loves art. Wayne loves art. If we didn’t, god help us run this blog. I’d like to think that everyone loves art to some capacity. It’s got to be a very human trait to appreciate aesthetics and be emotionally affected just by how things look. Luckily, we live in Houston where you can literally find something lovely on any given street corner at some point. (that was not a joke about prostitutes)

HTXFAF-Show_0002-193338I first heard about HTX Free Art Friday on Instagram (@HTXFAF) I was just randomly browsing graffiti pages on a Friday afternoon when I noticed alot of these guys were leaving finished pieces around and posting clues for art collectors to go find them. I had thought it was a one time thing, but after following enoguh guys I realized it was a semi-organized but very scheduled event. It’s been as far as the outskirts of the loop and as near as behind a stop sign on a street I work on (though I still didn’t get to that one first).

HTXFAF-Show_0009-193743The fun has understandably built a strong following and I guess eventually they thought they should host an Art Show at the Aerosol Warfare studio.

HTXFAF-Show_0007-193604I dropped by shortly after the posted gallery opening and inside and out of the studio was a buzzing atmosphere. It actually grew much more packed as the night went on.

HTXFAF-Show_0008-193614Pieces were for sale, trade and of course, given away for free.

HTXFAF-Show_0010-193903Everything from stretch canvased bits to USPS slaps and skate decks were changing hands. The event seemed to be one part show and one part bazaar.

HTXFAF-Show_0015-194335It was fantastic. Stay posted at #HTXFAF on Instagram and Aerosol Warfare for the 411 on future dopeness. And of course, Houstonians keep your eyes peeled when city slicking on a Friday afternoon.


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