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Anime Matsuri 2014: Day of the Levi’s


Ahh springtime…

Cold skies give way to warm gulf breezes, birds chirp merrily as they take care of their hatchlings and delight in pooping on newly detailed autos, and of course the flora covers everything in sight with yellow pollen that makes the antihistamine manufactures need a cold shower. Of course it wouldn’t be spring in Houston without Anime Matsuri to ring in the transition from OMG I can’t feel my fingers to OMG I’ve immolated all over myself.


2013 Hot Import Nights Houston, TX: Part 1

IMG_0772I feel a little weird coming to Hot Import Nights because I think I enjoy it too much. Pretty girls, cool cars and a crowd full of people attending in celebration of pretty cars and cool girls make for a wonderful atmosphere and for me a guaranteed great time. This past weekend was my second time coming out to the event and, man, it just keeps getting better.


2012 Hot Import Nights Houston, TX

In the early 2000’s, import car culture was exploding after the phenomenon that was The Fast and the Furious movie. Hot Import Nights was the car show at the center of all the flash and ran hand in hand with it in all its loud eccentricity. But as with all trends, car styling and its enthusiasm shifted in an entirely different direction, and the Hot Import Nights lost a bit of its momentum in recent years. However, this past Saturday marked Hot Import Night’s first return to Houston, Texas in 3 years. In high school I had fond memories of Hot Import Nights being everything dreams were made of, so there was no stopping me from making it out for the show’s rebirth.