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Texas Street Legal: Round 0

You like drifting, yeah? I’m 66% sure you do, just by inferring from the site’s AWSTATS traffic break down (hayyyy). I bet I can also tell you why you like drifting and why you surf the net looking for photos of cars killing the environment in sideways fashion: because it’s cool as hell.

TXSL_0146-142423Introducing Texas Street Legal. A new competition series added to Lone Star Drift’s skid race portfolio. It’s a points race of drift events that is somehow both more accessible and restricted than ProAM.

TXSL_0103-122857Texas Street Legal is a series that almost demands the car not cost a lot with heavy restrictions on modifications. I imagine that the only reason a budget cap isn’t enacted is to prevent the field from being solely populated by stock 240sx’s like some kind of spec race.

TXSL_0157-142855I’ve touched a bit before on some grassroots drivers’ grievances with Formula D. It’s a little hipster to write it out, but many fans have been disenchanted by how bloated FD has gotten. It’s become less open and have moved from being a sport to more of a money game. There are formulas to the chassis types that work and with every year the field continues down a path of homogenization as winning becomes increasingly more important to drivers and their seasons become more acutely goal oriented.

TXSL_0058-120930Unfortunately, this issue has seeped into even the ProAM series as some builds have purportedly exhausted 6-digit budgets. (picture unrelated, other than it looking as sexy as a million bucks)

TXSL_0133-141807TXSL is shaping to be something with more of a “just for the fun of it” atmosphere tied to it. I attended the first round of the series and found myself delighted by how wildly the field looks to be diversifying from the typical ProAM profile.

TXSL_0196-170526Sure, some cars look to be a little more effective than others (and some appear to be depowered ProAM builds), for the most part, once you get past the 12 Zs, there looks to be a whole lot of unique cars that’ll be running the series next year.

TXSL_0064-121054Me personally, I’m looking forward to a hopefully large slew of new photogenic drifty whips I get to fotomajicka next year. I Probably should be getting seat time instead though. Dammit.

For more information on Lone Star Drift’s Texas Street Legal series, visit their website here.


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4 thoughts on “Texas Street Legal: Round 0

  1. Good pix bro but just FYI you’ve got the event named improperly. It’s not Texas Street League, it’s Street Legal, as in cars that are legal to be driven on the street, as opposed to cars that can only be driven on a track and need a truck and trailer to get to the events.

  2. Ryan, thanks for putting this event in the history books. These are all great pictures! Now I can finally show my great-great-great-grand children how some people used to drive their cars (of course they first will have to Google the word “car”).

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