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2014 LoneStar Drift: Round 1

5Z8B2797This time of year is wonderful. For the parts of the country that thaws out on time, it’s the season for race cars. Yes indeed, this past weekend was the kickoff For Lonestar Drift’s 2014 series. For once, Ryan was actually driving and not shooting, so it’s about time someone else took a shot at it.


2013 LoneStar Drift: Round 3: “A Game of Cones”

SM_20130609_416422_0011I’m not usually one to make use of pop culture puns when subtitling things, but that’s probably because I need a +2 attribute to my clever wordsmithery trait. In any case, “A Game of Cones” was the real-deal, legitimate subtitle to the other weekend’s action packed day of tire slaying. I couldn’t find time to stay for the competition, but I was definitely there long enough to exchange a couple high-fives, greet some old faces and put my cameras to work.


Kicking It: With Joshua Steele (and his S13.4)

Today on Kicking It, I’m reintroducing a face from the drift community that briefly cameo’d in a post last year, Joshua Steele of NEVRSLO Motorsports. If you remember, I encountered Josh for the first time at Round 5 of 2012’s Lone Star Drift Pro Am series. Last we met, Josh was tearing up Gulf Greyhound Park in his ubermachine to close out the series with style. When all the smoke cleared, Mr.NEVRSLO had earned one of three coveted pro licenses for Formula D.